Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lyrics assignment

Maroon 5
This Love
This song seems to be talking about his real life and how things were for him when he would get in a relationship with a girl. He says that he says goodbye too many times to the same girl and it seems like they have an off and on relationship. They must have had something wrong maybe like the fact that he would always be traveling or at the starting how he said he was so high to see the fire burning in her eyes. Maybe he was a drug addict and she couldn’t live with that. He tries hard to keep her satisfied but their love keeps taking off in different directions because they can’t figure out what’s right for their relationship. He talks about trying to fix her broken wings or try to get her to come back to him. He keeps getting his heart broken in front of him and she keeps hurting him more and more. The question I really feel is what does this love has taken liftoff? Does this mean that she is getting on a plane and taking liftoff and that’s his love for her leaving him? Does it mean that their love can’t stay on the ground and it just keeps going in many different directions and he doesn’t know what to do with their relationship? Another question is when she leaves on that plane where is she going? Does she have another man she is seeing and then when things don’t work out with that man she comes back to him and that’s the reason they keep saying goodbye too each so many times because she hops back and forth between men? It’s a very confusing song because I really don’t get the point of it. Why would he say goodbye so many times? Why would he let her come back to him? He tries his best to feed her appetite which means she is either a very picky eater or she eats a lot. Also he says he tries to keep her satisfied which could mean it’s hard to live with her because she acts like a little kid and he can’t keep her happy with anything he does. Could it also be his fault because of his actions to her? He tries to keep her coming every night which shows that he knows eventually she won’t come back and he will have to say goodbye once again. He says that their love is like a game and they keep pretending for each other. His pressure on her hips which means he does do things that show she has to carry him and he messes up a good amount of times. His love for her is always in his heart which shows she can come back to him as many times as she wants and he will accept her. But now he realized he can’t keep doing that so he is done having his heart broken so many times.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Project

Im going to do a go animate story and going to tell a story through animation. Im thinking about doing a story about a vacation trip that somebody goes on or maybe a sports story. Im not really sure yet but im excited to see how my story turns out and see what potential it has. Im leaning in the vacation trip side since i just created a children's story in the sports area but im not totally sure what i want to do now. I know for a fact that i will be creating the story through go animate so i might just mess around on there and see if anything comes to mind.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Collaborative Writing Thoughts

I thought this writing assignment was a good assignment because we got to write about what we wanted and got to work with group members to create a story. This was all good but when i read other peoples stories it seemed that these stories were kind of cheesy so i was thinking did our story seem cheesy to other people too. It was all kind of weird because clearly you could tell that the story was made up but the thing was i never read stories that are that obvious. I wasnt really pulled into any of the stories because of the fact that they were just different and i really didnt like any of the stories really. There were some stories that dragged me in a bit but then the story would get off topic when it switched writers and it just was like i was reading one story and now im reading a complete different story inside a story. This assignment was good to see what it was like but i feel we all need a little more practice on writing these because they just didnt turn out as well as we planned to.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Collaborative Idea

I feel we should make a screenplay and base a story off of that because i feel that will be easier than some of the other things. We could also write a short story and try and think of many different kinds of ideas through the brainstorming website. We could create our own writing for the 21st century website and attach all of our stories to it. Then off of that website everybody can read each others story and leave feedback on them. Also we could create characters for our short stories and maybe have them act the story out. There are many different ideas and i feel any of these ideas would work and it would be better than writing a long research paper. This would be a different kind of writing style and it would give people a different look on writing and other things based on writing.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Future Life on the Internet

I feel this video was a different kind of video because they already have the future all planned out. This seems weird to me because i feel you cant go and tell what is going to happen to everything i feel it was all an educated guess. Its weird how the things of the future look like reality tv on the computer and actually feel like your at the superbowl or being at a war that was a whole new kind of thing that kind of shocked me. Also how they feel amazon and google will buy out all the other companies and be the main people on the web. This was a strong belief that these people have on the future and who knows maybe it will work out that way but i feel everything doesnt always work out the way you really want it to.